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"Mindy has been my helper, coach, and friend through the whole process of marketing myself to prospective employers in the maritime industry. Due to her wisdom and experience she has directly helped me land a far better position with a better company than my previous employer.

I cannot thank her enough for the valuable assistance in this process. She will always be consider my friend. C,G,&C's professionalism and humanity in this endeavor will not be forgotten."

Mark H. Gaska
Manager of Terminal Operations

"I appreciate your honest thinking, experienced and wise advice, and how well that worked together with the development of my thinking. It is unmistakable that your Challenger group is very much a team, and fully with me. It was tremendously helpful not just to talk through your perspective and key issues for me, which was excellent time, but to witness your exceptional reach and vast experience encouraged me to keep challenging the range of possibilities we can imagine. You have so greatly exceeded my best hopes for your role in this process.

Thank you again. I am so grateful to be able to trust you as a strong team with me in this season of my journey."

Jim C.
Executive Director, Fortune 100 Communications Company

"A significant portion of our nonexempt employees have greater than 30 years of service. 30 years ago resumes were not required and in most cases in depth interviews were unheard of. Peter has worked tirelessly to ensure that all who desired outplacement services had an opportunity to receive them and that they each had a resume and interviewing strategies. His style and professionalism allowed him to interface well with employees and in many cases develop relationships that will last beyond the closing of our doors.

I am glad that Challenger was selected to serve our employees."

Director of Human Resources, Duracell

"Simply outstanding work… (this is an understatement) … I cannot begin to describe the difference the CGC team made the past 24 months. Sincerely THANK YOU."

Plant Manager, Duracell

"I met a lot of people from Challenger and its clients, and everyone had an impact through the process. My first introduction to Challenger was meeting Amy on a very difficult day when I was extremely angry after being let go from my job. I don't know how she did it, but she brought a calm to that day and introduced me to how Challenger would be there for me, what I could expect and then got me from one step to the next during the following months. She has an amazing approach that made a difference in my life, and I just wanted to single her out, to tell you that she did an incredible job. I was quickly brought into the resume writing, the coaching, the monthly meetings, and they all had a positive impact on my job hunt. I don't know where I would be without all of that support from the Challenger team and its clients I met over the last year. It's truly appreciated."

Name withheld at client’s request
Tax Director

"Over the past several years we have engaged CGC on multiple occasions to provide coaching services. They have been an invaluable resource in assisting colleagues who have been transitioning to their first formal leadership role. In the former case, an employee who had been quite successful as an individual contributor was faced with the responsibility of leading a group of her now former peers. The personality traits that made her effective before were proving to alienate her new team. CGC assisted her over in analyzing her approach to management and determining what was and wasn’t working. The self-analysis resulted in a level of awareness and an ability to empathize that had previously been elusive to her. She has since built a new reputation for herself in which her team views her as a resource to be utilized rather than an obstacle to avoid."

CHRO, Financial Services

"Words cannot express my gratitude for two of your fellow employees - Cathy and Audie. After 17 years with the same company and going through a surprise reduction in force, I was pretty broken the first time I met Cathy. We shared many tears and laughs and she was able to coach me to become stronger and smarter with my interview approach. It was a breath of fresh air and I learned a ton from Cathy. She was an outstanding resource and I will never forget that intro meeting to Challenger and how she was able to assist me in turning the hardship I had gone through into a positive outcome. And then when I didn't think it could get any better, I am introduced to Audie. Our weekly calls was just the ticket I needed to get through some pretty intense interviews as well as find my next dream job/career. Audie was with me every step of the way--coaching, guiding and always being a sounding board to run things past her. I am forever grateful and if there is anything I can ever do for Challenger, Cathy or Audie, please never hesitate to ask.

I truly have met two live guardian angels in my life and I am forever appreciative for what Cathy and Audie were able to do for me and my family."

Maria W.
VP Sales

"I had the great pleasure of working with Eva to evaluate my personal skills inventory, reconstruct my out dated resume, and reposition my Linked In presence. While Eva proved to be a word wizard, more importantly she was able to quickly grasp concepts about various aspects of my career, group them and reframe subjects to ensure the most critical elements were clear and transparent. I highly recommend Eva and her ability to quickly pull a lot of complex information apart, and reposition it for clarity and understanding."

Bruce Perkin
Chief Strategy Officer, Actionable Quality Assurance

“You don't realize what you don't know. Once you go on an interview for the first time in 20 years, you realize you need help. Challenger gave me that help.”

Karen C.
Manager, Direct Procurement

“I think Mark was very personable and easy to talk to. He made me feel very comfortable and I learned a lot of valuable information. I look forward to working with him going forward.

This is a great learning experience for all of the employees here and I want to thank your coaches for having empathy and thoughtfulness working with us given the situation. I have experienced and heard nothing but very, very good comments about every coach that has been here and your company. So thank you all again for your help and I look forward to finishing the process going forward.”

Contract Specialist

“I am very pleased with the staff at CGC. I worked directly with Esther & Carmen and loved the detail, responsiveness and professionalism. They helped me prepare for interview and made me more confident in the interview and I was ready for all questions.

I have used an outplacement firm before but CGC has blown the doors off of them.”

Account Manager, Customer Service

“Dave was the perfect coach for myself and for my situation. He was there every time I needed a question answered. Very professional and informative.”

Pete B.
Operations Supervisor

“A. O. Smith Corporation has worked with Challenger, Gray & Christmas for many years, and we have found their coaches and consultant to be responsive, professional, and highly skilled.

We have had workforce changes that required outplacement resources in several locations at the same time. We also have been in situations when we have provided very short notice, in each case, they responded and were able to meet our requirements.

We are confident our separating employees will be treated with respect by the coaches at Challenger, Gray & Christmas and will get the benefit of expert job search advice and support. The individualized, personal approach has been helpful for our people, not only in finding new them positions but also in maintaining their self-esteem throughout the process.”

Jane Sanford
VP Global Human Resources, A.O. Smith Corporation

“I would like to personally thank the Challenger, Gray and Christmas organization for the support and expertise during my professional search for new opportunities. Having been employed and recruited for 28 consecutive years, I had never spent any time seriously looking nor had experience evaluating all options available making a career change.

Challenger, Gray and Christmas provided a platform and coaching to support my efforts at a high level. I received guidance creating an excellent strategic plan, how to utilize the most effective tools, capitalize on all networking events and track my progress pursuing career opportunities at the Director and Vice President levels. Your company played a vital role in my finding an outstanding opportunity reporting directly to the CEO of a $1.5 Billion (US Sales) dollar medical device organization.”

Jim Lemle
Senior Director, Terumo Americas Corporate Accounts

“Challenger, Gray and Christmas has been my trusted business partner that has made me successful on several levels. First, as a HR Professional, challenged with many individual terminations, WARN RIFs and Plant Closings, they have helped me achieve business goals of protecting the Company’s brand and mitigating termination litigation exposure. Moreover, they create good will and a professional tone that steers a potential litigant to a focused job hunter.

After all the Plant Closings and other RIFs and reorganization, I too found myself without a position and was fortunate enough to go through their comprehensive outplacement program. Their professional approach and empathetic coaches helped me through the peaks and valleys of being in a relatively short transition period. They were my essential co-pilot for my successful job search and provided me critical advice for every step of the job-hunting dance.

It is with this unique, multi-facet perspective that I wholeheartedly recommend Challenger, Gray and Christmas as your change management/outplacement consultant."

Bart McGuinn
Human Resources Director, Stampede Meat, Inc.

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