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Launch Into Your Future

As the longest-running career transition services firm, we know change is a challenge for all of us. In fact, James E. Challenger founded this firm after suffering a dismissal himself. His mission – and ours – is to help you recognize your past success, advance to the next stage of your career, and achieve your goals to get to where you want to go.

It takes art and science to find a job. We offer both, aligning technology and research to the craft of telling a compelling story and building professional networks. For us, it’s about your goals. This employer-sponsored service is how we put the past behind us, and embark on a journey towards a better, brighter future.

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“Helped Me Land A Far Better Position With A Better Company”

“Mindy has been my helper, coach, and friend through the whole process of marketing myself to prospective employers in the maritime industry. Due to her wisdom and experience she has directly helped me land a far better position with a better company than my previous employer.

St. Louis, MO

What’s Included In Career Transition Services?

Access our vast collection of resources and tools to assist you with your job search, and don’t do it alone. You are assigned a one-on-one personal Employment Coach who is your guide and ally throughout your job search.

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Professionally-Crafted Resume

Resume best practices vary by industry and standards evolve quickly. Our professional resume writers help you build a digital-friendly resume that gets past filters and attracts the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

Career Transition Planning and Strategy

Whatever the next step for your career, we’ll help plan it. Whether you hope to land a similar position or completely shift industries, we’ll build a career transition plan and help you execute step-by-step.

Your Personal Job Search Coach

Our professional job Coaches provide actionable plans, tested strategies, compassion, and motivation throughout the job search and interview process. This critical one-on-one connection is core to your success and our outplacement programs.

The Tools You Need

Everyone’s career path is unique, and we have the best tools and resources to get you where you want to go. You’ll have access to career assessments, webinars, customized job leads, detailed research and more.

Digital Branding Services

Hiring managers scour the web to learn about candidates, which means you will be vetted through social media, digital portfolios, and online communications. Our experts help you create, rewrite, update, and optimize your LinkedIn profile while guiding you through the digital job market scene.

Interview & Job Search Support

“Why do you want to work for us?”
“If you had to pick one inanimate object to be, what would it be and why?”
“Tell me about a mistake you made at work. How did you respond?”

Interviews can be challenging and our experts help you navigate the most difficult aspects of in-person, online, and AI interviews. Plan ahead and reflect on the experience with our job search support.

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What To Expect

From start to finish, your entire CGC experience is custom-tailored just for you. Based on your unique situation and aspirations, you will receive personalized career coaching, digital branding services and the support you need to achieve your next great opportunity – all delivered by real people who know you and are invested in your success.

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Find Allies And Experts In Our Job Coaches

Our career transition specialists put people first, every time. Each Job Search Coach at Challenger, Gray & Christmas is on your side. They are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Meet Our Job Coaches


Our Coaches are professionally-trained and certified experts in helping you enter the next phase of your career.


This is our Coaches’ vocation. They are passionate about helping you find your next position in the workforce.

Industry Experts

Our Coaches come from every industry and are knowledgeable in job market trends, sharing that expertise with you.

Matched To You

You are carefully matched to a Coach who is experienced with your market, experience level, and skill set.


Take The Job Search To The Digital Front

The job search has evolved, and we help you evolve with it. Our cloud-based Challenger Essentials platform accelerates your career transition services so you can land the best position possible.

  • Access customized job leads
  • Investigate companies and organizations
  • Take career assessments
  • View webinars
  • Practice online interviewing

Your Job Coach will help you navigate the digital job market to find your next job using all the tools available.

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would recommend service to a friend
months is our average job search length
of individuals found equal or better jobs (96.78%)

For Us, It’s About You

The numbers only tell part of the story.

We’ve been at this a long time. We know that the human element is the most important piece of a successful outplacement program. Your Career Transition Coach and the collaborative team at Challenger, Gray, & Christmas is rooting for you.

We’ll stick with you. When you win, we win. When you celebrate, we celebrate.

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Take Your Right Next Step – Wherever It Leads

Everyone’s career transition is different. Our customized career transition services and planning takes into account your specific circumstances and goals, and typically falls in one of the following categories:

Career Transition

Our approach is to create a customized outplacement plan for you to help you transition into a new career or industry.


Outplacement might just be the chance of a lifetime. If you wish to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, we’ll help you develop and evaluate business plans.

Active Retirement Coaching

For some, retirement may be the next right step. Our retirement programs help you navigate the transition.