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Making The Right Decision Just Got Easier

‘Outplacement’ sounds bureaucratic. It doesn’t have to be.

We help companies take care of their staff. Letting go of an employee is always difficult. Let us help you do right by them.


Conscience-Based Leadership

Put action behind words as you show separated and retained employees you operate at a human level with compassion front and center.

People-First Coaching

Choose an outplacement firm that puts coaching, mentorship and human relationships ahead of algorithms.

Professional Coaching Commitment

This is a vocation for our full-time coaches, who are committed to providing compassionate outplacement counseling.

Stronger Returns and Results

Avoid adverse action when conducting a layoff. Foster better alumni relations and get better results – for outbound job placement and overall company morale.

Customized Program Design

We customize our programs for every company’s unique situation, whether that’s transitioning one employee, hundreds of individuals or providing strategic executive outplacement services.

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Career Transition Planning Built Around Individuals’ Goals

No two career trajectories are the same. Our Coaches work one-on-one to help individuals at all career levels craft a unique job search plan with actionable next steps.

Career Transition

Our approach is to create a customized outplacement plan for each individual to facilitate their transition into a new career or industry.


Internal placement is an option for some companies. We offer many resources to help displaced individuals land jobs inside the same company.


Outplacement can be the chance of a lifetime for some. Many employees may wish to start their own businesses. We help them develop and evaluate business plans.

Retirement Coaching

For some outbound employees, retirement may be the next right step. We provide retirement programs to help individuals move forward on their journey.


1-on-1 Coaching Is At Our Core

Every individual in our outplacement services program is carefully matched to a professionally-trained job search Coach.

Our Coaches are industry experts knowledgeable about the latest job search and market trends, helping employees:

  • Navigate the job market, both in-person and online
  • Write professional resumes
  • Prepare for in-person and virtual interviews
  • Update individuals’ online presence and profiles

Our job Coaches treat each affected employee with the utmost respect and empathy while delivering strategies that positively impact the job search.

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What’s Included In Outplacement Services?

Individuals whose employers retain the outplacement services of Challenger, Gray & Christmas have access to thousands of resources and the industry’s leading career transition experts in outplacement counseling for over 50 years.

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Professionally-Crafted Resume

Resume best practices vary by industry and standards evolve quickly. Our professional resume writers help individuals build a digital-friendly resume that gets past filters and attracts the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

Career Transition Planning and Strategy

Whatever the next step is for an employees’ career, we’ll help plan it. Whether individuals hope to land a similar position or completely shift industries, we build a career transition plan and help execute step-by-step.

Personal Job Search Coach

Individuals work with professional job Coaches who provide actionable plans, tested strategies, compassion, and motivation. They serve as a sounding board throughout the job search and interview process. These critical one-on-one connections are core to individuals’ success and our outplacement programs.

The Tools Needed

Everyone’s career path is unique, and we have the best tools and resources to get individuals where they want to go. They will have access to career assessments, webinars, customized job leads, detailed research and more.

Digital Branding Services

Job search candidates are vetted through social media, digital portfolios, and online communications. Our experts work to optimize individuals’ LinkedIn profiles while guiding them through the digital job market scene.

Interview & Job Search Support

“Tell me about yourself?”
“If you had to pick one superhero to be, who would it be and why?”
“What are your weaknesses?”

Interviews can be challenging and our experts help employees navigate the most difficult aspects of in-person, online, and AI interviews. Plan ahead and reflect on the experience with our job search support.

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Deep Connections Go Digital

Today’s job market requires digital savvy. We help individuals navigate the digital algorithms that form the basis of the employment search.

  • Create Applicant Tracking System (ATS)-friendly resumes
  • Use our cloud-based Challenger Essentials program
  • Leverage LinkedIn, social media, and job search platforms

Our tech-savvy employment Coaches help you maximize technology to find the right next step.

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Jim Lemle

“I received guidance on how to utilize the most effective tools”

“Your company played a vital role in my finding an outstanding opportunity reporting directly to the CEO of a $1.5 Billion (US Sales) dollar medical device organization.”

Jim Lemle  |  Senior Director, Terumo Americas Corporate Accounts

Helping Human Resource Leaders Manage Change

HR leaders have the difficult task of managing change, the only constant in business. We work with HR teams every day to create relationship-based, long-term partnerships. It takes competence and warmth to facilitate change management. We have both.

We help HR leaders to provide a spectrum of support as planner, collaborator, trainer, motivator, and overall facilitator when companies engage in the following change management planning:

  • Restructuring & downsizing consulting
  • Layoff planning and management
  • Communications strategy support
  • Notification training and day-of notification support

We remain involved before, during, and after termination to support you in navigating a difficult moment.

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