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Entrust Your Released Employees To Only The Best

You want to take care of your exiting employees. When you entrust them to us, we promise to do just that. We approach every individual with compassion and the utmost respect as we guide them onto their next endeavor, giving your company:

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This helps your company earn:

  • Improved internal morale and employee retention
  • A reinforced reputation as a people-friendly employer
  • Reduced unemployment costs due to shorter job search lengths
  • Limited legal risks by providing quality outplacement
  • Distinction as an employer of choice, securing your talent brand
  • Strong alumni relations with former employees
  • Positive Glassdoor and employer rating reviews

Take care of employees that are leaving as well as those that are staying. Besides, doing the right thing is good for business today and in the future.

would recommend service to a friend
months is our average job search length
of individuals found equal or better jobs (96.78%)

Transparency And Trust. That’s Partnership.

When you partner with us, we promise you’ll always know the engagement levels of your people. Your teams will have access to comprehensive, customized reporting and a dedicated account manager.

With real-time reports and visibility into employees’ utilization and success, we can work together to improve the results of your outplacement program.

Customized Outplacement Services For Every Employee

Our experts work closely with you to craft customized outplacement services packages that fit the needs of every employee – from entry-level to executive. Our people-first approach to outplacement means everyone receives the same compassionate, individualized support during their transition.

  • Certified 1-on-1 Job Coach
  • Resume Development
  • Challenger Essentials dashboard
  • New or Updated LinkedIn profile

Create a customized outplacement services program today with the help of our team.

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“I am glad that Challenger was selected to serve our employees.”

“30 years ago resumes were not required and in most cases in-depth interviews were unheard of. Peter has worked tirelessly to ensure that all who desired outplacement services had an opportunity to receive them and that they each had a resume and interviewing strategies.

Director of Human Resources  |  Duracell

Helping Human Resource Leaders Manage Change

HR leaders have the difficult task of managing change, the only constant in business. We work with HR teams every day to create relationship-based, long-term partnerships. It takes competence and warmth to facilitate change management. We have both.

Engage in the challenges of change management with a team that helps you provide a spectrum of support as planner, collaborator, trainer, motivator, and overall facilitator.

  • Restructuring & downsizing consulting
  • Layoff planning and management
  • Communications strategy support
  • Notification training and day-of notification support

Navigate this difficult moment with a team that remains involved before, during, and after termination.

Meet The Team

See The Impact Of Customized Outplacement Services

We help employers ensure exiting employees can immediately focus on their careers – instead of their frustrations – which improves results everywhere. Peer relationships and internal culture are some of the strongest fibers of your organization.

Released and remaining employees will:

  • Maintain relationships even after their individual employers change
  • Take care of each other and share stories – good and bad
  • Carry positive and negative emotions long after an outplacement event

Build positive alumni relations and do the right thing, even if it’s hard. Your alumni and employees will notice.


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We’re a national team of local career transition experts. We work with C-suite executives and entry-level employees to understand local, national, and international markets.