May 2019

Job Tip Thursday: Just Say Yes! (At Least, At First)

Especially in a tight labor market, if you are a desirable candidate with a strong skill set, it may seem that you are holding all the cards. But until you get the offer letter, you are just another candidate.

Consider this scenario: you are interviewing, everything is going well, until a question comes up that may turn everything upside down. The question could be any of these, or many others, for that matter:

Challenger Executive HR Group NY Hosts Landing Party in Manhattan

Challenger's own David Pinette, Heather Dolan, and Marnie Joyce hosted a few dozen human resources leaders at the Ainsworth Midtown in Manhattan this week. The event was to celebrate the recent landings from the NYC Challenger Executive HR Group (CEHRGNY). Both current group members along with many alumni were in attendance to celebrate the members' new roles.