Easing Transitions, Strengthening Brands: A Look At What Outplacement Services Do 

Job transitions – layoffs, restructuring, downsizing – can be unsettling for both employees and companies. In these instances, outplacement services emerge as a beacon of support, guiding individuals towards successfully landing new opportunities and safeguarding employer brand reputation. 

What are Outplacement Services?

Outplacement is a structured program provided as a company-funded benefit, often as part of a complete severance package, designed to help exiting employees successfully navigate the job market. Services extend beyond simply finding a new job; they empower individuals to refine their career goals, build confidence, and effectively present themselves to potential employers.  

Outplacement services definition: outplacement support is an employer-sponsored benefit that offers displaced employees structured and individualized services to help them land their next jobs. Effective and results-driven outplacement support typically provides a 1:1 job search coach to guide the departing employee through the process of creating a detailed strategy to productively conduct their search, and the tools and resources needed to achieve success. Most often, employees who receive expert outplacement assistance win new positions faster than those whose employers do not offer it. 
What is included in premium outplacement services: 
  • Individualized Job Search Coaching: Dedicated coaches work closely with each client, tailoring an action plan based on their specific skills, experience, and desired career path. Beginning by developing a strategy, coaches lead clients to land their next great opportunity, providing tools and counsel throughout the process.  
  • Job search strategies: Coaches provide guidance and expertise on how to identify open positions to target, networking opportunities, and industry-specific insights to optimize the job search process. Premium services also offer proactive coaches who keep the client on track.  
  • Resume, LinkedIn, cover letter and thank-you note writing: Experts help clients craft compelling documents and an online presence that accurately showcase their strengths and value proposition. Premium services have introduced AI powered tools to enhance personalization and relevance. 
  • Interview preparation: Sample questions, mock interviews, feedback on communication skills, and salary negotiation guidance set up individuals for interview success. 
  • Emotional support: The outplacement process acknowledges the emotional toll of a job transition. Support through workshops and access to an expert coach promote healthy well-being and resilience. 
What do outplacement services do?

The benefits of offering outplacement services extend beyond simply supporting departing employees. For companies and HR leaders with a conscience – and a focus on the bottom line – there are tangible advantages.  

Outplacement services result in shorter and better transitions for departing employees. Transition time can be measured against national averages, and successful transitions can be measured by rates of departing employees who secure an equal or better new job.  


These employee-focused outcomes yield serious measurable impact and results for their former employer. Shorter and better transitions lead to:  

  • Lower unemployment insurance costs: By expediting the job search process and minimizing unemployment periods, potential financial burdens on individuals are reduced.  
  • Less risk of litigation: Litigation following layoffs or terminations is commonly based on workplace discrimination, retaliation, or wrongful termination. Exiting employees who receive proactive premium services feel more supported by their employer and a shorter transition time leads to a general better impression of the former employer, reducing overall risk.  
  • Increased protection of employer brand and reputation Improved employer brand and reputation protection: Outplacement demonstrates care for departing employees, fostering goodwill. This strengthens your employer brand, minimizing negative reviews (e.g., on Glassdoor and Indeed), resulting in attracting top talent in the future. 
  • Boosted morale, productivity, and retention rates: By mitigating negativity and ensuring a smooth transition for impacted employees, you encourage positive morale and engagement among remaining staff. 

In addition, outplacement services show compassion to displaced workers by their previous employer. Unexpected job change is one of the most stressful points of a person’s life.  

The primary loss of employment and secondary loss of resources (e.g., income, status, and self‐esteem) can produce different levels of stress depending on how threatening the event is appraised by the individual, how many resources there are available to deal with this loss, and how much an individual has invested in their lost job.  

Source: National Institute of Health 


Employers who prioritize their people focus on empathy. They support their employees – present and former. Offering outplacement services is the pinnacle of proving this compassion.  

Levels of Outplacement Services: 

Different providers offer varying levels of service to cater to diverse needs and budgets. Here’s a general overview: 

  • Basic Services: Typically comprise resume and cover letter writing, templated interview preparation, and access to online resources. 
  • Mid-level Services: Include personalized job search coaching, job search strategy development, and access to job boards and networking advice. 
  • Premium Services: Offer 1:1 coaching, best-in-class tools combining human and artificial intelligence, in-depth career assessments, customized coaching plans, executive-level coaching, and ongoing post-placement support. 
Choosing the Best Outplacement Provider: 

When selecting an outplacement service provider, consider key factors like: 

  • Industry expertise: Look for a provider with experience across industries and a broad mix of coaches to match with departing employees. 
  • Coaches who are employees (not contractors) of the outplacement firm: Select a provider that ensures coaches can get to thoroughly know their clients and remain available and accessible.  
  • Personalized approach: Assess the provider’s commitment to individualized coaching and tailored support for each client.  
  • Track record: Evaluate the provider’s success rate in placing individuals in new roles and in equal or better roles. 
  • Technology and resources: Ensure the provider offers access to cutting-edge tools and resources to optimize the job search process. 
  • Transparent results: Seek out a provider who supplies reporting on success metrics. 

Outplacement services offer a valuable safety net for transitioning employees and a strategic advantage for your organization. Providing comprehensive support, these programs minimize disruption, foster positive employer branding, and accelerate the search for fulfilling new opportunities. By proactively considering outplacement, you can navigate challenging transitions with empathy, build a stronger organization, and contribute to the well-being of your departing employees. 

About Challenger, Gray & Christmas Outplacement 

Challenger, Gray & Christmas is the leading outplacement services company, for employers who care about their employees going through change. Challenger takes a people-first approach, with 1-on-1 coaching at the core, to enable clients to develop job search strategies and to have a guide for feedback direction throughout their search.  

Through coaching combined with industry-leading tools and resources to enable clients to better network, market and present themselves, and find their ideal role, Challenger delivers results for clients and companies alike. Challenger enables transitioning employees to find good roles (97% report finding equal or better jobs), faster (average 2.64 months to find new jobs), which results in shorter unemployment durations, and better perception of the companies they are departing. Companies trusting Challenger, Gray & Christmas know the engagement levels of their people, and receive comprehensive, customized reporting.  

Challenger, Gray & Christmas approaches every individual with compassion and respect as we successfully guide them onto their next endeavor.