Job Tip Thursday: It's Time To Figure Out What You Want

We've encouraged you to have a positive outlook. It's crucial to finding a new position. But before you dive into your search, it's important to determine what you want.

This analysis can motivate you to take action, to get out and find a new, more positive working environment, and reach for what you want. The clearer you are about what is important to you, the more easily you will know when you are headed in a direction that will make you happy and satisfied, either in your next position or in your future career.


Below are questions from one of our expert coaches Marcy Jenkins to ask yourself about your next role and where it will fit in with your goals.

  • How much do you want to find/create new work for yourself in the next year? Where are you on a scale of 1-to-10, with “1” being “just a little” and “10” being “no question, I’m 100% in!”_____
  • What’s your main motivation for finding (or creating) new work? (Ex. Money / Using my skills / Being Promoted/ Better location / Better Company / Getting a New Boss / Work/Life Balance….)
  • When do you want /need to have new (paying) work? ___________
  • Do you want to continue doing the work you’ve been doing/done in the past? Or do you want to do something new or different. If so, do you know what you want to be doing, or do you need to figure out what would be enjoyable/rewarding to do?
  • Do you intend to stay in the industry/field where you’ve been, or do you want to change fields? What field seems most interesting to you, have you figured out where you would be happiest, or do you need to do that?
  • Do you know your most “marketable” skills, and the skills you love to use? If not, spend some time assessing your skills and decide which ones you want to be using regularly.
  • What skills do you need to develop? Find a way to start developing them now or in the future. (There are many free or low cost courses online or on at local community colleges, etc. Ask your friends and neighbors about courses, and do a search for “free courses in… Excel, project management, data analysis, plumbing, horticulture, etc.)
  • Are you willing to relocate (and where would you move) or do you intend to stay in the same location?
  • What additional factors do you need to consider? Are you a “free agent” who only needs to consider your own needs & preferences, or are you also juggling the needs and priorities of a partner, children, parents? What special constraints or commitments are you juggling? (School, military service, family schedules, health conditions, etc.)