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Posted 6 years 1 month ago

Watch our own SVP Cindi Cervone Carlson discuss wage issues with WYCC's In The Loop!

Posted 6 years 2 months ago

Data Breaches Could Create Jobs
Recent large-scale data breaches at retailers such as Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels have made waves recently as thousands of consumers scramble to recover or track their credit. The events may have an unexpected outcome, however, as more companies begin to hire experts to ensure data protection, according to workplace authority John Challenger. “IT-professionals, consultants, or lawyers versed in data privacy and protection may see an influx of opportunities as companies protect against this kind of theft. Regulations such as HIPPA have standards... more

Posted 6 years 2 months ago
Posted 6 years 3 months ago

Watch CEO John Challenger talk about our Job Seeker Call-In LIVE on WGN.

Posted 6 years 3 months ago

1. Advertise your job loss. Let friends, family, and those in your professional network know you are actively looking for a job. Make sure they know your skills and what positions interest you.

2. List your professional accomplishments. Write them in a script and memorize them for easy access during networking events or interviews.

3. Write your resume. Use keywords and the language which appears in the job posting. Tailor each resume to the position for... more

Posted 6 years 4 months ago

With millions of Americans still struggling to find work and millions more who have simply given up on the job search altogether, global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. will suspend normal business operations for two days so that its staff of professional job-search coaches can provide free advice to callers from across the country.
The firm’s 28th annual two-day national job-search call-in will be held December 26 and 27, from 9:00 a.... more

Posted 6 years 4 months ago

Yesterday, Challenger participated in a chat on careers, trends, and outlook for the health care industry.

We discussed where we would see shortages:

Posted 6 years 5 months ago

Check out who's hiring for the holiday season. Let us know if there are others by dropping a note to

Posted 6 years 5 months ago

Halloween Costumes in the Workplace

Halloween can be more trick than treat for the nation’s employers, who must approach the annual holiday with an eye toward the potential pitfalls. For some employers the pitfalls, ranging from complaints of inappropriate costumes to lost productivity, outweigh the potential positive effects on employee morale and they prohibit staff from observing the holiday in the workplace. Some, however, may embrace the holiday, encouraging employees to wear costumes, bring candy to hand out, or even allow workers with kids to leave early to be home for... more