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Posted 7 years 1 month ago

Original article: Resume-Padding Can Be Hard to Resist

According to John Challenger, chief executive officer of the consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas—which advises out-of-work professionals seeking new employment—there’s no difference between high-level coaches and high-level corporate executives fibbing on their résumés. It’s quite common in both fields, because hypercompetitive people will do anything to jump-... more

Posted 7 years 1 month ago

Original Article: Defense Spending Cuts Lowering Job Gains

Defense and aerospace contractors announced about 2,000 layoffs in April as a result of the budget cuts, outplacement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas said Thursday. That's double the number of such layoffs announced in March.

The announced layoffs are just a portion of total defense job cuts of up to 10,000 in April, says economist Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics. Overall, economists... more


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