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Find Solid Ground With Outplacement Services

Outplacement is a service a company provides to its released employees. It helps launch these individuals into the next phase of their career. For companies, it’s a way to improve outcomes for impacted employees while strengthening a commitment to mission and values.

Help individuals focus on their futures. With a powerful array of tools and services at their fingertips, individuals can embark on a rapid and successful career transition.

Outplacement is about building a future for everyone.

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Aligning People with Technology for Better Outcomes

Our outplacement services are founded on the human connection afforded by a Job Coach who helps individuals navigate the digital job market to find the right position.

You’re unique. So are we. Let’s plan the next step together.

Professional Coach

Every individual is assigned a professionally-trained Job Coach who provides support and expertise. Together, we produce a plan that works.

Digital Branding Services

Our team of job search professionals help prepare candidates for online and in-person interviews and create or update a professional LinkedIn profile.

Personal Marketing Campaign

A job search is all about marketing the individual. Our experts guide and craft resumes and help candidates develop networks to land their next job.

How Outplacement Works For You

Learn more about how our outplacement services work for you.


Are you making an organization change or selecting an outplacement provider? Talk to one of our career transition experts today about building a program to help exiting employees transition successfully into a new role.

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Have you been referred to Challenger, Gray & Christmas’ outplacement services program? Immediately access a wealth of resources and information to help you make a swift transition into a new role. Get started today.

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“You don’t realize what you don’t know.”

“Once you go on an interview for the first time in 20 years, you realize you need help. Challenger gave me that help.”

Karen C.  |  Manager, Direct Procurement

Take The Lead With Executive Coaching Services

Improve performance of individual managers and the teams they lead with superior Executive Coaching services.

Executive Coaching delivers a return to both leaders and the organizations they serve.

  • Achieve personal growth in leadership areas
  • Reduce risk through effective problem avoidance and conflict resolution
  • Collaborate constructively across business segments to reach company objectives
  • Lead through change, the only business constant

Executive Coaching strengthens the abilities and skills of a company’s leadership team.

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A History Of Successful Career Transition Planning

Our founder, James E. Challenger, started the first outplacement firm in 1966 because he believed it was the right thing to do.

Our commitment to his mission has never wavered. We’ve spent more than 50 years evolving to meet the changing demands of the job market.

In the end, we hope to make what is a difficult moment – better. For us, it’s about helping companies do right by their employees and helping individuals take action, take initiative, and find success. It’s never easy to find a new job. Challenger, Gray, & Christmas makes it easier.

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A Few Of Those We’ve Helped

The people we have helped – both as representatives of an organization and individual job seekers – are the reason we strive to provide the most outstanding outplacement services available today.

“I am very pleased with the staff at CGC. I worked directly with Esther & Carmen and loved the detail, responsiveness and professionalism. They helped me prepare for an interview and made me more confident in the interview and I was ready for all questions.

Thomas  |  Account Manager, Customer Service

“Words cannot express my gratitude for two of your fellow employees – Cathy and Audie. After 17 years with the same company and going through a surprise reduction in force, I was pretty broken the first time I met Cathy. We shared many tears and laughs and she was able to coach me to become stronger and smarter with my interview approach.

Maria W.  |  VP Sales

“Simply outstanding work… (this is an understatement) … I cannot begin to describe the difference the CGC team made the past 24 months. Sincerely THANK YOU.”

Plant Manager, Duracell

Jobs Are Everywhere. So Are We.

We go where you are. For us, every company is personal. We’ll meet you – and your employees – wherever they are and help them advance to their next destination. With our strategic partnerships, we have over 1,000 service locations across 79 countries and are able to offer outplacement services on a global basis, ensuring consistently high-quality services and seamless deployment.

The Latest Job Reports And Market Trends

As the creators of The Challenger Job Cuts Report, which has run uninterrupted for almost 30 years, our job market analysts and experts are at the forefront of the news and job report cycles.

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What are Outplacement Services?

Outplacement services – or career transition services – are when employers provide job search services for separated employees when they are going through a layoff. It is included in their severance package and offers the impacted employee access to a career coach, resume writing help and other tools that the job seeker will need. The transitioning employee is matched with career experts who help them manage their job loss.

Outplacement assistance services are for companies and HR leaders with a conscience who want to help displaced employees navigate their next professional steps after they exit their roles.

Our outplacement program matches exiting employees with job search coaches who provide expertise and empathy, not only giving advice on every aspect of the job search, from interviewing to LinkedIn help, but also acting as cheerleaders for affected employees as they traverse this process. That is the Challenger Difference.

Companies and Human Resources departments who offer outplacement to exiting employees as a severance benefit build loyalty among their remaining employees and use it as a way to recruit talent. They foster more fulfilled departing employees, ultimately leading to a stronger employer brand and ability to attract top talent. Current employees have higher morale and sense of value. Outplacement truly turns a negative into a positive.