CEO John Challenger
Challenger showed appreciation to all employees by chartering a boat for an afternoon on Lake Michigan! Numerous awards were given out to our coaches by our SVP Penny Hawley, as well as John Wirkes, Patricia Novotny, Bill Zawaski, Lauren Loranger, Juan Montalvo, and Bob Hepding, for hard work, improvement, and client satisfaction.

This year, Challenger introduced the Toni Pittman Peer Award, a recognition for the values our colleague Toni Pittman most embodied. Toni was a long-time Challenger coach who gave all who knew and worked with her support, guidance, and expert advice. We will continue to honor her work and memory through this award.

We asked each coach to nominate someone that they most trust and respect, and is a go-to person for professional advice and support. This year’s winner is Paul Weldin. Paul also won an Award for Special Initiatives.



  • Awards


Judie Collins, Project Lead Award

Teri Hartwig, Project Lead Award, Award for Special Initiatives

Dennis Diotallevi, Project Lead Award

Suzy Shurna, Project Lead Award

Tony Shurna, Project Lead Award

Marsy Billinger, Project Lead Award

Ingrid Clausen (left), Regina Willis (center), Sharon Amos (second from right), Award for Best Client Feedback

Julie Nystrand (second from left), Vince Black, Kathy Proper, Award for Special Initiatives

Stacey Minor, Award for Special Initiatives

Wendy Gawlik, Award for Special Initiatives

Larry Green, Dwayne Anderson, Regina Willis, Award for Highest Client Response to Initial Support

John Masterson, Karen Arp, Dick Swanson (not pictured), Award for Best Initial Client Support

Bruce Keith, Rising Star Award

Kathy Proper, Cheryl Harris, Nick Tucker, Norma Croy, Mack Spencer, Award for Most Clients Landing

Marsy Billinger, Sharon Amos, Penny, Karen Arp, Award for Most Clients Landing

Esther Paul, Special Recognition

Bill Zawaski, Tom Nosal, Cheryl Harris, Janice Rinehart, Award for Most Client Feedback

Pat Bober, Glenn Levitas, Ken Meuser, Award for Most Client Feedback

Cheryl Harris, Norma Croy, Janice Rinehart, Award for Best Client Feedback

Nick Tucker, Rising Star Award

Chuck Silverstein, Glenn Levitas, Luke Matthews, Marcy Jenkins, Award for Most Clients Landing

Larry Green, Rising Star Award

Not pictured Denny Balish (Award for Best Client Feedback), Dick Swansen (Award for Most Client Feedback and Award Best Client Feedback), and Maria Lopez (Special Recognition). A huge thank you to all our coaches!