As part of ABC 7’s series “Ready to Work,” jobs expert Andy Challenger with Challenger, Gray & Christmas joined ABC7 for some tips on how people can prepare for a phone interview and how to put your best foot forward when you are on a call.

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9 tips to present your best self with your phone

  • Start with your voicemail. Ensure your outgoing voicemail includes your name and a friendly yet professional greeting.
  • Answer all calls, even if you don’t recognize the number; they may be calling you for an interview.
  • Do not answer your cell phone if you are in a loud location or it is not an appropriate time to take a call. However, call back as soon as you are ready to answer professionally and can talk with confidence.
  • If you get a call and for some reason you missed it, call back instead of texting. Use whatever method of communication the potential employer uses with you.
  • Don’t leave your phone in a place where someone else may answer.
  • Modulate your voice; be pleasant and easy to talk to.
  • Don’t interrupt the caller.
  • Smile: even if they can’t see you, they can tell if you’re smiling.
  • If the caller wants to schedule an in-person interview, try your best to accommodate the proposed time and place.