ACES ACCESS Partners with Community Businesses

Teresa Dufour, Anchor for CT Style @TERESADU4

A WTNH CT Style news segment digs into the community development program, ACES ACCESS. Employment Specialist, Kim Wallis, along with Vice President from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., Mary J. Rose, discuss the strong community partnerships that strengthen the ACES ACCESS program.

ACES Adult Career & Community Empowerment Support Services (ACCESS)

Mary J. Rose on why she teams up with the ACES ACCESS program

Interview Excerpt

Teresa Dufour, Anchor

You’re a great partner with ACES Access. Tell me how you can help out and why you decided to join.

Mary J. Rose, VP at Challenger

I am part of the business advisory council. I’m an external partner so to speak, to ACES and ACCESS and really we’re just a group of individuals from the community, professionals, business owners, business executives, that have really come together to support as advisors and resources and ways to help spread the news in terms of what the needs are and how we can all pitch in to help make things easier.


Mary, why is it important for businesses to help out an organization like this?


Well that’s a loaded question. I mean everyone has different perspective, you know work, and what they do and how they spend their time but the bottom line for me is that it’s purpose. I like to say that many hands make the load light. So everyone has needs in organizations and in life. No one’s an island.

People can come together and be able to know the work that needs to be done. ACCESS is a great partner and can fulfill those needs, and put adults to work. It’s a way where getting involved can be a win-win-win. And everyone does win.


And on a personal note I would assume it’s rewarding for you.


Absolutely. There are friendships that have been forged from being part of the community and really knowing what’s going on. We can get so entrenched in our own lives and the things that we’re dealing with, but we can step outside and be aware of what the needs are. We can just listen and hear what’s needed out there and be a conduit or bridge to those resources. It makes life more meaningful.

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Mary J. Rose on what makes the relationship with ACES and ACES ACCESS invaluable.

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