Published on: Mar 17, 2016


Bringing children to work every day would be “chaos.” – John Challenger


Earlier this week, Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche indicated he would “step away from baseball” after president Ken Williams told the player his 14 year-old son would have to limit his time with the team. If LaRoche carries through with this decision, he would leave $13 million on the table. The controversy almost caused teammates to boycott a preseason game Wednesday in solidarity; however, LaRoche’s accommodation would likely not fly in most workplaces. “If everyone was allowed to bring their children to work every day, it would be chaos,” said CEO John Challenger. “Exceptions are and should be made here and there. However, it’s hard enough to focus with March Madness. You certainly cannot conduct business if you’re effectively working each day in the middle of a fourth grade classroom.” Williams clarified to the press that players’ children are still welcome in the clubhouse but that no job would allow employees’ children at work every day. Work/life balance is a constant battle in almost every workplace, how does this issue play out in most offices? Will the publicity surrounding this issue bring more attention to the travails of working parents? Is William’s request reasonable or is LaRoche right to balk??