Advances in technology are changing Automotive, Logistics, Retail, Finance, Health Care, and Manufacturing, among several other industries. Increasingly companies in these sectors are making adjustments to their workforces in anticipation of the changing landscape, not only through layoffs, but also through hiring new skill sets. That means, workers too must adapt, and many professionals may find themselves updating skills or using their skill sets honed through years of experience in a completely new industry.

“Not only are industries fundamentally changing the skills needed in their workforces, but new industries are emerging, either through advances in technology or loosening regulation, such as the case with the Cannabis industry or app development in the sharing economy. Meanwhile, the quits rate is at 2.3 percent with nearly 3.5 million workers quitting their jobs each month in 2019. Workers are seeing opportunities elsewhere and making the change,” said Andrew Challenger, Vice President of global outplacement and executive and business coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

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