Career Star Group: Harnessing local expertise to deliver global solutions

Published April 25, 2016

Ever wonder what outplacement can do for you? Watch to learn more below:

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Who are we?

With more than 800 offices across the world, Career Star Group delivers a truly world-class service to our multinational clients regardless of where in the world their workforce changes occur.

The difference we make

We understand the challenges global companies face but we also understand that for outplacement to be truly effective it needs to be tailored to the needs of the individual it supports. Working with the leading providers of outplacement and Career Transition services around the world, we come together to design, deliver, and implement Global Career Transition programs that are  tailored to the subtle and significant differences between cultures and clients.

What makes Career Star Group different?

Matthew Collier, Gemini Personnel – Career Star Group Asia:

“For us it gives us the ability to localize a service and maintain a very high level of service at the same time an outplacement support that would work very well in the U.K. or in the U.S. wouldn’t necessarily translate as well in the Asian markets, but we’re still given a top-level framework that allows us to deliver a superior service.”

Rick Cobb, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Career Star Group USA:

“You really can’t have one company be the best solution in every country because the cultures are so different and the customs and the laws are so different, but you can have the best solution and the best provider be part of an organization and therefore get the best of everything.”

Peter George, Talent2, Career Star Group Australia & New Zealand

“Members of the Career Star Group are not there because of the history or because they’re part of a bigger group. They’re there because of performance. They stay at the top of their game. They deliver a quality service.”

The results

The simplicity of working with a global organization and the confidence that your employees are receiving the very best and most appropriate outplacement support.

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