Published October 24, 2022

Challenger Senior Vice Presidents, David Pinette and Heather Dolan, recently hosted a telecommunications event with award-winner and networking specialist, Marcia Ballinger, Ph.D. to the Challenger HR Executive (CHRE) Group. Dr. Ballinger shared approaches to take — and avoid — when networking. Watch the full webinar below or watch it on YouTube here.


“Networking is about partnerships, it’s about relationships, it’s about learning, it’s about wisdom.” – Dr. Ballinger


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Here are the nine mistakes to avoid when networking. Hear Dr. Ballinger reveal how to avoid them in the video above.

  1. Not valuing networking
  2. Bungling the meeting request
  3. Taking too much time
  4. Not being a pro in running the meeting
  5. Not knowing my personal narrative well enough to give it in under one minute
  6. Not doing my homework about the other person
  7. Walking away from a networking meeting, not having built a partnership with that other individual
  8. Not using networking follow-up to your advantage
  9. Not making networking a way of life

We all need to network

Dr. Ballinger goes on to say, “We all need to network. Even reluctant people who say, Gee, I don’t know anyone. I’ve been working so hard these last 20 years and I don’t know a soul. Oh, yes, you do.

  • Former colleagues
  • Neighbors
  • Community members
  • Members of your faith community
  • People you know from volunteerism
  • A local professional organization group

“And if I don’t, or even if I do [know anyone], I better get myself to the local chamber or women’s organization or start joining some LinkedIn seminars and start understanding who is in my network.”

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