The Future Of Learning And Development: Evolution or Revolution with Mary Rose


Published June 8, 2022

Association for Talent Development

On June 15, 2022, the local Connecticut Chapter of the Association for Talent Development will host on an online event on how both “evolution and revolution” are shaping the future, and, therefore, how we approach learning and development.  Full event details here.

The world is changing, and we need to change with it. The skills needed to lead with impact will be different from those needed yesterday and different from those that will be required tomorrow. We need to think about what skills are needed now and what skills we need to develop in order to remain relevant as leaders.

Leadership is not just about being able to give direction; it’s also about helping others develop their own leadership capacity. Personal values play a role in how leaders see the world, how they make decisions, and how they relate to others. Demographics influence employee engagement, which results in greater productivity and retention of talent. Evolution and revolution are shaping the way we need to learn so that we can become better learners.

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How Evolution and Revolution Is Changing the Leadership, Employee Engagement and Learning Landscape


Wednesday, June 15, 2022
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Online Zoom Meeting
Cost is $15.00 per registrant. Students with .edu email can attend for FREE.

Main Talking Points

  • What skills are needed to lead with impact, and how personal values play a role.
  • How demographics influence employee engagement and the ability to lead with impact.
  • How evolution and revolution are shaping the way we need to learn to become better learners.


Rondi Frey, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Yale University and Challenger’s own, Mary Rose.

Mary Rose, Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Mary Rose, Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.

  • About Mary from ATD

With a background as a corporate professional, consultant and certified coach, Mary serves leaders to help them learn, grow and develop in order to achieve meaningful goals. Her career is focused on supporting leaders with workforce solutions in a time when change has become the norm, and where demographic and global economic shifts continues to impact employee engagement and challenge leaders at every level. Connect with Mary on LinkedIn.

Rondi and Mary share a strong passion for learning, developing people, talent and employee engagement as a way to support sustainable organizational cultures. With careers centered around developing and serving people, they have each witnessed the impact on people and the workforce through the industrial age to the digital age in their work to help others adapt in guiding change, growth and transition. They have partnered together on several discussions within the HR community to explore relevant and meaningful topics of interest and are excited to co-facilitate this presentation to bring you the best of their expertise.

Speaker Bio:

Mary Rose is a Vice President with Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., for the greater New York region. Mary’s work is about helping people advance their careers. Whether it is partnering with senior leaders, executives or client individuals, her work is guiding change and transition in the areas of Change Management and Workforce Solutions centered around Career Transition, Career Mobility and Leadership Development. As a trusted resource to many fortune 500 companies during her career, ESPN, Cartier, The Hartford, Timex, Subway World Headquarters are just some of organizations she has supported. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with ICF accreditation, she has also coached and consulted many entrepreneurs and businesses helping them to find greater fulfillment and reward in their work. She cares about helping people take ownership of their career to discover and best align with the value they deliver in service of being able to do their best work.

About the Association for Talent Development SCC Chapter

ATD SCC encourages participation from everyone with an interest in learning and development, welcoming diversity of thought, approach and background. We are the local chapter of the Association for Talent Development which is a national organization and the world’s premier professional association for talent development. ATD is a leading resource for workplace learning and performance issues. Its membership includes more than 70,000 people in the field of workplace performance in 100 countries worldwide.

Mission: To provide a local forum in which learning and development professionals from Southern Connecticut  and Southeastern New York can enhance their knowledge of the talent development field, share best practices and build relationships with colleagues.

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