With the regular NFL season coming to a close for all but those good enough to make the playoffs, the Monday morning news has been barraged with reports of fired coaches, and even some general managers. In Chicago, head coach Marc Trestman and GM Phil Emery are both reportedly receiving their pink slips today.

Workplace authority John Challenger, chief executive officer of Chicago-based outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas says that the quick firing of coaches and GMs is not unlike the change that occurs in the business world following a bad earnings year.

“Obviously, running a pro sports team is big business. So, it should not be surprising that when expectations of success are not met, a change in leadership is likely to occur. Just like in the fast-paced business world, NFL owners cannot afford to be patient and wait for the promise of potential success to be fulfilled,” said Challenger.

“As in the business world, chief executives can be scapegoats for poor performance in the lower ranks. However, one could say that it was the lack of strong leadership that caused the sub-par performance. Certainly, in the Bears case, there appeared to be a lack of strong leadership both on the sidelines, in the form of an inspiring head coach, and on the field. While quarterback Jay Cutler has the skills to be a top-tier quarterback, he did not appear to be the type of on-the-field leader who could rally his teammates. If you have a strong leader on the sidelines or the field, you can find a way to wind. But if you have neither, success is going to be difficult to achieve,” he added.