Build Your Professional Brand

Published Aug 16, 2021

For most people, boasting about oneself does not come naturally. It is not easy or comfortable to tell someone all the wonderful things you have accomplished. But that is exactly what you need to do if you are seeking a new job. Selling your accomplishments, both in person and on social media, will allow you to craft a successful professional brand.

Of course, there is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance, so to be successful in winning over the interviewer or hiring manager, you must learn to maximize your accomplishments and attributes.

The natural tendency for most job seekers is to behave modestly in a job interview and at networking events. Although humility is usually an attractive trait, it will work against you when job hunting. If you do not tell a prospective employer how good you are, who will?

Make a list of your most impressive accomplishments.

This list can also be beneficial when constructing your resume. Include instances when you started or helped start a successful project, saved the company money, or negotiated a key contract. You may also include things outside the job, like organizing charity events or volunteer activities. Memorize this list and have it ready for networking meetings and interviews.

Google yourself.

You need to be aware of how you appear online to employers. If there are very few results, the best course may be to create social media profiles that show your best self. This will also help cover up potential negative results.

Create or clean up your social media profiles.

A recent Challenger survey found that over 60 percent of HR executives check candidates social media profiles before calling a candidate. Social media is crucial to building your professional brand. When a hiring manager searches your name, only positive results should populate. Have a professional picture taken to use as your profile picture on each platform. Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn page can show a little something about yourself with the images and information you choose to share. Post links to websites or blogs that are relevant to your industry and position and start discussions. Start a blog on industry trends as you see them. Post your work. Basically, talk yourself up. You are a product employers must have.

Take control of your online image and be ready to tactfully boast to networking contacts and interviewers, and you’ll be sure to find a position.