Remember you can do this!

  • Regularly review your accomplishments so they stay fresh in your mind when you network.
  • Stay sharp through continued education, or study to obtain a certification in your field.
  • Communicate the frustrations and successes of your job search with family and friends.

Searching for a job is in itself a full time job, so keep having fun with your loved ones, and take breaks to relax when needed.

You may feel out to sea in your job search. However, hiring managers must like and trust you. Though it may at times be difficult, remaining positive and having a good attitude are key, not only in interviews, but also in networking meetings.

The job search is an intense process with lots of ups and downs, involving a number of rejections before a candidate ever receives an offer. No matter what may have occurred to influence your mood earlier in the day or week, when meeting with a hiring authority or networking contact, positivity is a must. Companies want happy people.

It remains important for a candidate to establish rapport and chemistry with the hiring authority, and a positive attitude can help develop this relationship. To add to the complexity of the job search, companies will continue to work with job, psychological, and social assessments tools to identify skills and good fit. In fact, 40 percent of companies are already using this software, 75 percent of which rejected a candidate who otherwise seemed like a good fit based on the results.

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