While it is absolutely imperative that you remain positive ( and yes, we really mean that), if you find that you are often applying for positions for which you are not quite qualified or are having a hard time getting calls back, it might be time to think critically about your skills and discover areas that you can improve. This could mean getting a desirable certification in your field, taking additional classes to improve tech skills, or practicing public speaking.

For instance, many job seekers find networking absolutely terrifying, or at the very least, awkward. However, the majority of new positions are found through people you know. Networking and building real-world relationships is key to the job search. So if you find that you tend to stay to yourself during networking events or refrain from reaching out to contacts for networking meetings, actively working to improve this aspect of your search would do a world of good.


  • List any shortfalls that may be keeping you from landing. This could include lack of certifications or education, skill development, shyness or difficulty public speaking. Focus on items you can control and work toward developing.
  • Work on each item listed twice per week. This could mean practicing your elevator pitch with friends and family, enrolling in a class, working on a professional social media image, committing to a networking meeting, or studying for a certification exam.
  • Don’t let this become an exercise in discouragement. Stay positive! Think of this as a great opportunity to better yourself. You’re actively working toward improving yourself professionally and personally.