Improve your mood and your resume

It seems simple, but in the face of one of the most challenging times in a person’s life, staying positive can be incredibly difficult. That said, it is often the very first step toward finding your next role. Yes, you need a resume, a firm grasp on your skills and accomplishments, and scheduled times to network with your contacts, but all of those tasks seem insurmountable if you do not have a positive attitude.

In order to remain constructive, find time to accomplish things that will foster a positive outlook. This does not necessarily mean engage in your hobbies, although that isn’t off the table. Rather, it means engaging in activities that could be listed on a resume or used in an interview to show passion or relevancy in a particular topic.

How to show passion or relevancy

  • Learn a new skill. Brush up on excel or take a class in Illustrator. Are you the most up-to-date with software or other tools of your trade?
  • Get a certification. Some employers view certifications as more valuable than formal education or experience.
  • Volunteer. If you have skills that can be used for a charity event or fundraising setting, seek out an organization who can use you. Employers want to know the people they hire have values. In addition to being a way to cover an employment gap with real experience, volunteering is a great way to meet new contacts and network for the job search.

Doing things to remain positive is not limited to engaging in activities that are directly tied to the job search. Perhaps there are projects around the house – painting, cleaning, finishing that deck – that would give you a sense of accomplishment. Go for it! Just don’t let them jeopardize your time and become top priorities.

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