Phone interviews can be stressful to many job seekers. Will we have a good connection? Will I be able to hear the recruiter well enough? I can’t see their body language!

Despite the trepidation, these initial phone screenings are crucial to getting you to the next step of the interview process.


You must be able to demonstrate your skills and abilities, as well as your likeability factor.

9 tips to present your best self with your phone

  • Start with your voicemail. Ensure your outgoing voicemail includes your name and a friendly yet professional greeting.
  • Answer all calls, even if you don’t recognize the number; they may be calling you for an interview.
  • Do not answer your cell phone if you are in a loud location or it is not an appropriate time to take a call. However, call back as soon as you are ready to answer professionally and can talk with confidence.
  • If you get a call and for some reason you missed it, call back. Do not use text to communicate with a potential employer.
  • Don’t leave your phone in a place where someone else may answer.
  • Modulate your voice; be pleasant and easy to talk to.
  • Don’t interrupt the caller.
  • Smile: even if they can’t see you, they can tell if you’re smiling.
  • If the caller wants to schedule an in-person interview, try your best to accommodate the proposed time and place.