Cindi is our Senior Vice President, responsible for developing, delivering and implementing a dynamic, world-class outplacement consulting, training, support and executive coaching.

She has successfully managed many large outplacement projects and national account programs. She is skilled in the training of networking and interview techniques and is especially passionate about assisting professionals with navigating their careers.

Cindi also acts as a conduit between HR professionals and Challenger, Gray & Christmas, linking CGC to key executives across the country. She created the Challenger List, a listing of HR job openings in all areas of the country which is seen by over 10,000 people weekly.

“It is one of the greatest honors of my life to help and hold space for individuals going through their job search. Job searching is one of the hardest things someone will experience, but if done right it can be a true turning point. Helping folks not just get a job but grow through this process is my calling on this planet, and I do it with great joy!” – Cindi Cervone Carlson

Cindi started her career at Challenger as a client who had lost her job. Over the past 12 years, she has risen from an entry level, part-time professional to Senior Vice President. She was the youngest by 22 years and the third woman in Challenger history to reach the Gold Circle, which is the company’s top sales honor in North America.

When she is not assisting global organizations with their restructuring efforts, Cindi spends her time speaking to audiences around the world about not only navigating their careers, but using them as tools to live the life they want. She believes that your career and the work you do on this planet is one way of truly gaining fulfillment in this life.

Cindi is a founding member of the Board of Ambassadors and now as a Board of Director for the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago where their mission is to empower women and eliminate racism. Helping women grow and succeed is and has always been a great passion of hers. She is also a member of the Society of Human Resource Management and the Human Resources Management Association of Chicago.

Cindi earned a bachelor’s of sociology from the University of Iowa and a minor in Spanish while studying in Alicante, Spain at La Universidad de Alicante.

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