NASI Creates New Task Force on Unemployment Insurance (UI)

The economy lost 8.9 million jobs last year, testing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Unemployment Insurance system. Due to the stress of increased initial unemployment claims, the system has come under renewed and increasing scrutiny. The non-partisan National Academy of Social Insurance created a task force to identify, assess, evaluate, and document the weaknesses of the unemployment insurance system to aid in creating policy for improvement.

Challenger Gives Back

We are pleased to announce our Senior Vice President Calvin Colbert has joined this task force to give critical feedback on the UI system. He will serve for the next 10 months to help collect and report on where and how the system can be improved.

NASI Task Force Goals

“The Academy’s goal with this Task Force is to equip policymakers with the evidence and framework needed to restructure and strengthen UI by providing a range of options to make the UI system more effective, efficient, and equitable,” said William Arnone, Chief Executive Officer of the Academy, in a statement.

The Academy’s Policy Director Elaine Weiss continued, “Unemployment Insurance could be improved to address systemic racism in the labor market and to better protect the incomes of all workers and their families. A restructured UI system will do more to reduce poverty in times of crisis, such as what we’re experiencing today, and more effectively cushion the economy.”

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