That is the question. The answer is simple: Trust your gut.

Your unconscious self, coupled with your gut, is an absolutely amazing thing. It’s probably one of the most miraculous things we as human beings have going for us.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t listen to it; and large numbers of people continue to grind it out at unfulfilling jobs, under unfulfilling leadership.

So… Why don’t we listen to our gut?

Why do folks get “Stockholm Syndrome” and find ways to empathize with the captors known as incompatible employers?

Well, like children hiding under the covers, we’re likely protecting ourselves from the fear of change. We deny the ancient wisdom of our gut, because we act strong in the face of adversity.

But what is the straw that breaks the camel’s back? How much is too much?

The clues are likely everywhere, and they start with negative self-talk:

  • “It’s not that…” = We find reasons to stay, rather than a natural enthusiasm for our work.
  • ”I should just keep perspective.” = We’ve sadly become comfortable with our unhappiness.
  • “I can’t afford to leave.” = We’ve convinced ourselves no better jobs exist, to justify our inaction.
  • “I’m not qualified for that.” = We’re scared of change or failure attempting it.

If you’ve heard yourself say the above before, it’s time to ask what your gut is telling you.

Look objectively at your daily routine and be honest:

  • Do you wake up in the morning with dread? (HUGE red flag)
  • Do you still believe in the direction of your employer?
  • Do you still believe or trust the leadership of your employer?
  • Do little “signs” reveal themselves, nudging you in another direction? (Those happy coincidences could be telling you something.)
  • Do you already know you’re unhappy?

The pursuit of happiness is a right.

With the majority of our lives being spent in the workplace, we have to be happy to live up to our potential. If someone or something is unfairly taking away from your happiness, RUN.

Prepare for an exit (note my other posts on the topic), put yourself out there, and get excited about the future. Don’t worry that you might fail. Instead, realize that happiness is just around the corner, if you put your mind to it.

Life is short. You are an amazing human being. Be Happy. You can do it. Fear is temporary, and you deserve to reach your dreams.


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