1. Advertise your job loss. Let friends, family, and those in your professional network know you are actively looking for a job. Make sure they know your skills and what positions interest you.

2. List your professional accomplishments. Write them in a script and memorize them for easy access during networking events or interviews.

3. Write your resume. Use keywords and the language which appears in the job posting. Tailor each resume to the position for which you are applying.

4. Read up on your industry. A quick web search can find a plethora of resources on industry trends and outlooks. Become the go-to expert.

5. Create and maintain social media profiles. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook could serve as platforms to discuss and showcase your professional accomplishments, as well as sharing thoughts on your industry or position. Don’t post anything on these sites you wouldn’t want an employer to find. They will Google you.

6. Apply, apply, apply. Cast a wide net when applying for positions. It’s best if you’re constantly interviewing. It sharpens your knowledge about your professional background and gives you better odds that you’ll land a position.

7. Set up informational interviews. The more people you meet, the better. If there are companies in your area that interest you, but don’t have any posted positions, meet with those in the department for which you would like to work. Get their professional opinions of their line of work and the company culture. They may remember you when something opens.

8. Meet with your network. Constantly meet with people you know and meet the people they know. With the hundreds to thousands of resumes hiring managers sift through, most jobs are gotten on recommendation.

9. Volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are great ways to expand your network doing something you love. It also looks great when filling in an employment gap on an application or resume. You will not only keep your current skills sharp, but you could also learn new ones.

10. Stay positive. Embarking on a job search is in and of itself a full time job with many setbacks and rejections. Know that you have desirable skills to offer and can be an asset to an employer. Hiring authorities want to hire happy people, and you cannot go into an interview defeated.

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