Our coaches often hear about a number of frustrations with the job search process. Below are the top ten!

10. The interviewer takes calls and checks/responds to emails during the interview.
9. When recruiters call, they do not identify themselves or ask if it’s a convenient time for the candidate to talk.
8. The interviewer starts the interview with, “How much money do you want?”
7. The recruiter or interviewer doesn’t provide contact info for a follow up call or thank you note.
6. The interviewer doesn’t provide a schedule with names and titles of those with whom the candidate will meet.
5.During an interview with many different people for one position, the candidate a) is asked the same question over and over, and b) feels like they were interviewing for several different positions because management didn’t agree on a job description.
4. Arrogant recruiters.
3. The candidate applies online with a lengthy application process and, after submitting the application, is told immediately he or she is not qualified.
2. The candidate is told they are over-qualified.

And the number 1 frustration:

Recruiters/Interviewers/Hiring Authorities do not return calls or emails to let the candidates know where they stand.