Last week, we numbered the top 10 things job seekers dislike about the job search process. Today, we’re looking at the top actions employers can take during the application and interview phases that impress job seekers. Not surprisingly, most candidates appreciate open and honest communication with their potential employers.

-Candidates are contacted quickly after applying for a position.
-Candidates can tell the interviewers read their resumes.
-Interviews start on time.
-Candidates are offered a snack or beverage, or when the interviews last several hours, are allowed breaks.
-The recruiter or hiring authority discusses the next steps in the process and follows up in a timely manner.
-The recruiter or hiring authority responds to messages following up.
-The recruiter or hiring authority informs candidates when there is a delay or update in the hiring process.
-The recruiter or hiring authority gives specific reasons for rejecting candidates or gives constructive feedback on the candidates’ performances.