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This 9/11, our Tracey Kearny sponsored a Gathering to Remember, an event hosted by the National Business Development Association (NBDA), in partnership with Combined Arms and the Travis Manion Foundation.

“On 9/11 and throughout the year, it’s important that we celebrate our veterans and first responders’ impact on our local communities – respecting the past, welcoming the now in unity, and embracing the promises of the future,” said Tracey.

A special thank you to all of our executives donating their time and expertise to be a part of the veteran/first responder door prize raffle: Brent McCombs – SPHR, Cherice Villasana, Cindi Boudreaux, Debra Lynn Martinez, Don C. Hare, Hang Bower, Joe Warring, Kimberly Wilson, Lijo Joseph, SPHR, Mary Kenner, Melanie Woods, Vickie Irvine, PHR.

Our Wendy Gawlik, along with Tracey Kearny, will be facilitating a workshop for the Travis Manion Foundation and Combined Arms on how to best utilize LinkedIn for professional goals. The event will be held October 8th.

Thanks to all who attended for their commitment to our veterans!

About Combined Arms
Combined Arms exists to accelerate the transition from military to civilian life. The faster veterans integrate into our community, the faster we are able to harness their passions and skills to make an impact on Texas. Each year, over 5,000 hardworking, service-oriented men and women will move to Houston to begin their civilian lives. We are here to connect these veterans to resources so they can make “civilian” their next branch of service.