Job Tips: Senior VP of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., discusses top career trends of 2022


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Samantha Chatman (SC): Are you looking for a fresh start to your career? There are a few things to keep in mind whether you’re looking to change roles or venture out on your own. I spoke with the job expert Andy Challenger earlier this week about the top employment trends in the new year. Good morning, Andy and happy new year to you! Thank you so much for joining us to talk about the top job trends of 2022. How are you this morning?

Andrew Challenger (AC): Doing well thanks so much for having me.

Remote work

SC: Excellent so and we’re gonna start with number one and that’s remote workers, tell us about that.

AC: We think that in 2022 there is just gonna be like a new class of remote workers – people that can work from anywhere in the country as companies get used to the coronavirus – it may be with us for sometime and they’re just making some jobs permanently remote.

Interview with Andrew Challenger, SVP, on job outlook for 2022.

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SC: Yes, and as the Omicron variant continues to spread this is probably going to become even more common. Let’s talk about number two and that’s quitting your job explain that.


AC: This a continuing trend from 2021. We have seen record numbers of people quitting their jobs and with the labor shortage persisting, employers raising compensation and benefits to attract people, it continues to behoove people to switch jobs move from one company to another to take advantage.

College Degree, Optional

SC: A lot of people are exploring different office options if this wasn’t working out for them and they wanting to move on. Talk about jobs that no longer need a college degree. This one is going to intrigue a lot of people talk about that.

AC: I talk to companies they’re going back and looking at every job they have within their organization and saying, ‘do we really need this high of a qualification for this role especially at a time when it’s so hard to find employees’ and lots of them are finding that lots of jobs don’t need that qualification so they’re re-organizing the position to allow lots of different people to apply.

Hiring Women

SC: I like that one I also love this one: employers focusing on hiring women.

AC: We’ve seen so many women leave the workforce over the last year and a half. Lots of working mothers in particular have left the workforce and smart employers are figuring out ways to attract them back into the workplace whether that means some sort of hybrid schedule where they can work at home some days a week and then at the office other days of the week or extra benefits like childcare. They’re working really hard to attract women back into their companies

SC: I can think about at least three people in my circle. Women who actually became stay-at-home moms and they were looking to explore the workforce again in 2022 but they definitely took a break in 2021 because there was just so much going on. We’ll see if employers are able to track women like them. Then the fifth one is so interesting to me: vaccine status on the résumé so you mean to tell me people are actually declaring their vaccination status is on paper on the resumé?

Vaccine Status on Resume

AC: Yeah we are starting to see that as companies put into their mandates in January that all employees must have the vaccine they’re gonna have to start asking about it in the interview process and it’s a little bit of a touchy question vaccine are going to put their status on the resumé to just get past that awkward question and move on to the hiring process.

SC: Wow, so you really think that’s gonna sets people apart from the rest if they put that on there, huh?

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AC: Yeah I mean you’re looking for any little advantage you can as a job seeker and that’s one thing that just makes the person is hiring his job a little bit easier

SC: A funny nugget I heard that the same thing as true for online dating that people are actually putting the vax status is on their online profile so this is very similar to that any thank you so much for your inside we always appreciate you and very important and an interesting fact you have for the trends. You can read more about what’s trending in the job market on our website and our ABC7 Chicago news app.

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