Slay Your Job Search Demons

It’s said that the loss of one’s job is second in grief only to the loss of a loved one. If that isn’t tough, I’m not sure what is. Career changes are humbling experiences. There’s no easy way around it.

Our egos take a hit... Our mental chatter begins...
“Where did I go wrong?”
“How did I get here?”
“What will my family think?”
“Am I a failure?”
“Will I EVER find a new job?”

Silver Lining From This Morning's Employment Situation Report

Once again, much of the focus on today’s employment situation report fell on the participation rate, which tumbled to 62.6 percent, the lowest since the late 1970s. However, a closer look at the numbers reveals that for the two-thirds of the civilian labor force in their prime working years of 25 to 54, the participation rate is only 4.0 percentage points off of historic highs reached in dot.com heydays.