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SVP Andy Challenger appeared on ABC 7 this morning to discuss top jobs and tips on how to search both pre- and post-pandemic.


Healthcare is perennially one of the top industries for jobs. An aging population fuels a growing demand for workers, especially as millions of baby boomers reach the stages of life requiring more healthcare services.

Job: Physician Assistant – $112,260 median salary, 0.7% unemployment rate, 39,300 jobs added over next decade.

  • PAs Collaborate with doctors to diagnose and treat patients.
  • They report high job satisfaction levels – interesting work that is fulfilling, stable, and lucrative.


STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math – is an area of the economy with the greatest labor shortage. These skill sets are always in high demand across all almost all industries.

Job: Software Developer – $107,510 median salary, 1.7% unemployment rate, 316,000 jobs added over next decade.

  • The US will need a shockingly high number of new software developers over the next decade to help companies better compete in an evolving landscape.
  • The work is very stable, can often be done remotely, and allow workers to flex creative and analytical skills.


During the pandemic, home improvement has been one of the few areas of the economy where Americans have been spending money. The shift from working in offices to working from home has created a lot of work in home improvement, as well as in office renovation as companies downsize office space.

Job: Construction Manager – $95,260 median salary, 1.5% unemployment rate, 40,400 jobs added over the next decade.

  • Construction Managers require the ability to lead projects as well as manage builders and customers.
  • This position has more longevity than many building and design jobs, as it can be done at any age and with a bit less heavy lifting.

High Demand Jobs, No College Degree Required

  • Grocery stores – This is the area where we have tracked the most announcements of new hires in 2020.
  • Warehousing and transportation – With the rise of e-commerce and the demise of brick-and-mortar retail there is huge demand for help in the back-end operations of e-commerce. Warehouse fulfillment and delivery driving jobs pay well.
  • Home health care workers – It is expected that the U.S. will need more than 1,000,000 new hires in this area over the next ten years.

Source: Challenger, Gray & Christmas using US News Best Jobs Ranking, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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