Posted August 12, 2022

Sally Schulze interviews Andy Challenger from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. who dishes out tips to help your resume stand out from the masses on job hunting websites.

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Andy Challenger, SVP at Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Andy Challenger interviewed on Fox32. Click image for the original post.

Sally Schulze, Fox32 anchor (SS): LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, they’ve made it easy for employers to list positions. Problem is, they’ve also made it easy for maybe your resume to never be seen. Here to explain how algorithms might complicate your job search is Andy challenger with Challenger, Gray & Christmas. It is a Chicago-based global outplacement and career transitioning firm. Good morning.

Andy Challenger, jobs expert and SVP (AC): Morning. Thanks for having me.

SS: So explain this to me. What are these algorithms doing? That means my resume may not pop up for an employer.

AC: Today, a lot of the keywords that companies are using are listed in the job descriptions. So we talk to job seekers and tell them to look at the posting for the job. Use some of that language in your About Me section in your resume, or even in a cover letter that will help you get through that first filter of a piece of software before you get to an actual hiring manager.

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SS: What are some of the do’s and don’ts we need to be aware of?

AC: Definitely do your research. Make sure you know what type of candidate they’re looking for. Look for those keywords, integrate them into your whole application. And do not forget to spell check something I see people do all the time. Write your answers for your prompts in a word document, spell check them, and copy and paste them over to the online application.

SS: I mean, that just seems like such an easy thing. I can’t believe people forget about it. Andy, thank you so much for being here. We really appreciate your time.

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