How to Create a Compelling Cover Letter

PUBLISHED March 1, 2021

The cover letter allows you to clearly and succinctly state your case for why the hiring manager should hire you.

How we apply for jobs has changed dramatically in the last decade. Through LinkedIn, you can apply for a job directly with your resume or LinkedIn profile without even submitting a cover letter. However, Challenger experts caution against submitting applications without cover letters, even if the applications do not require them.

It serves as your first impression, in your own words, and gives hiring managers a feel for your personality.

The cover letter should include the reason you want the position, why you would be an asset in the role, a few points on your accomplishments in past roles, and an invitation to get in touch with you.

Think of 6 to 8 bullet points of accomplishments and skills that highlight why your experience match up with the roles for which you are applying. Think back to the keywords you created when developing your resume and networking talking points. Create a basic “template” for your cover letters, including 3 to 4 of those bullet points. The extra bullet points will allow you to choose from and edit your template, customizing it easily and quickly. The bullet points should not repeat exactly what you’ve written in your resume.

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Photo by Adomas Aleno via Unsplash