Our Regional Director Dawn Peak discusses what executives should be looking for when negotiating their job offers.

Hint: It’s not all about salary!

In my experience talking to executives in transition daily, negotiating the new opportunity typically focuses on salary, stock options, and vacation. While those are important, many executives would be wise to consider aspects that lead to professional development. Not only will this help them in their current roles, it will also help them beyond. Indeed, most executives are so excited about landing the role, they often overlook negotiating their exit.

Yes, the Exit.

In today’s world of change, don’t expect that any company is hiring you “until death (or retirement) do you part.” So, if we know it can happen, let’s plan for it.

So as you negotiate the offer, what are some non-typical things to ask for? Find out on LinkedIn!

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Photo by RODNAE Productions via Pexels

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